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 Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius

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Akemi Araceli


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PostSubject: Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius   Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:39 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Akemi Araceli

meaning;; Bright Altar to the Stars

age;; 16

gender;; female

date of birth;; October 25

height;; 5'6

weight;; 123

hair colour;; Long, dark blue hair, typically tied up in a lazy ponytail

eye colour;; Silver

wardrobe;; Akemi's style of dress is typically a lot less form and a lot more function.  She is often found in attire that is more suited for working out, than anything else.  Loose fitting and allowing for allowing for easier movement.

faceclaim;; Nisemomogatari // Karen Araragi

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Akemi is like a fireworks display. A long and increasingly rapid series of explosions. She is highly influenced by her father and enjoys nothing more than showboating and playing to an audience. Even if that audience is unaware that she is about to put on any sort of performance.

Akemi thinks of herself as an entertainer. She enjoys getting reactions out of people and loves nothing more than to cause a scene. Sometimes, it is hard to tell where her personality ends and the act begins, but that is just another part of the fun (in her opinion). Akemi is often loud and can come across as a bit abrasive. Especially if she finds someone she would like as a “rival”.

Being the type of person who knows what she wants and is willing to go after it, Akemi can often be confused as an arrogant or cocky person. It never helps that she likes to show off, either, but she is a very determined and strong-willed girl. Akemi has an intense focus and when she locks onto a goal, she will relentlessly pursue it, pushing herself to the point of exhaustion, if the situation calls for it. Akemi does have a high opinion of herself, so when things don’t go her way, she takes it out on herself. She doesn’t like to fail and when she does, she takes what she feels are the necessary precautions to see that it doesn’t happen again.

In spite of the general impression she gives off, Akemi does have sense of fairness and sportsmanship about her. In the past she has even surprised some people with the level of compassion she can show to others. If she sees someone being picked on, Akemi has never hesitated to throw herself into the middle of the problem.  After all, her typical solutions to problems that may present themselves to her, are to tackle them head on.


  • Wrestling
  • Winning
  • Strong Rivals
  • Loud, fast music
  • Wrestling


  • Losing
  • Not meeting her own expectations
  • Bland food
  • Long periods of inactivity


  • Headstrong
  • A tendency to approach solutions with blinders
  • While she is always quick to accept her share of the blame, Akemi's solutions can often come at the expense of her own well being.  After all, ignoring injuries can always cause more harm than good.


  • Very Strong-Willed
  • Athletically Gifted
  • Once she sets her mind to a task, Akemi is dedicated to seeing it through it's completion

goals;; She dreams of becoming renowned champion, like her father.

fears;; Failure.  It is an unacceptable notion and not one befitting someone of her lineage.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi alias;; Sailor Scorpius

transform item;; A circular silver hair clip with a gold colored interior.

transform phrase;; “Scorpius Constellation Power, Make-Up!”

sailor or knight fuku;; At first glance, it appears very similar to a standard uniform.  Although, it does consist of a black leotard, with a gold collar and skirt, where things start to get different are with her boots and gloves.  Both black, they are also covered by gold spandex that reach up to her elbows or knees and cover either elbow pads or knee pads.  The stand-out difference, however, is the inclusion of a luchador mask.  The dual colored mask is black on the left side and gold on the right.  On the right side, a black scorpion is designed.  On the left side, she has a gold star designed.  Her tiara, is made of gold and appears on top of her mask.  It's a simple design that has a zodiac centerpiece with the Scorpio symbol engraved in the center.

star or planet;; The constellation of Scorpius

guardian;; Her guardian (or “Manager” as she refers to him) is a green iguana named Marius.

power of;; Fire/Competitive Spirit

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; A Steel Chair

attacks and techniques;;
Scorpion Deathlock – A submission move that Akemi adopts as Sailor Scorpius.  Taken from a pro-wrestler with a similar gimmick (as she sees it), it is a variation on the sharpshooter hold, in which Akemi wraps up her opponents legs, while applying her leverage in a rather painful manner.

Missile Dropkick! – Using a burst of flame, Akemi propels herself forward at high speed, driving her feet into her opponent.  A simple, but effective technique that she sometimes uses in conjunction with her weapon.  Usually, by tossing the chair at her opponent and driving her feet against the steel and into the adversary in question.
Scorpius Chair Shot! – Her steel chair can hold a charge.  By concentrating her bursts of flame into the chair, she can power up her next shot with the weapon ends with more than just a loud “SMACK!”  Charging the chair has the added benefit of allowing her to throw it at her opponents.  Much like her Dropkick, her flames can propel it at a high velocity.
More to be added as they are learned...

sailor or knight picture;; ] [url=“http://i58.tinypic.com/2ltoieb.png”]Sailor Scorpius[/url]

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; None at the moment

enemies;; The mysterious Ultimo Diablo, Chaos

parents;; Father - Adan Araceli, Mother - Mariko Araceli

siblings;; None

other relations;; None

crush and sexuality;; Is there someone out there who is as awesome as Akemi?  Because that's who she would be looking for.

history;; From a long time ago, the Araceli family has always been involved in the entertainment business.  In fact, Akemi's lineage can be traced back to the beginning of Lucha Libre wrestling.  Akemi is proud of her heritage and of her father, a man who's career in professional wrestling brought him to Japan.  This was the country where he met his wife and where they raised their only child.
It soon became apparent that Akemi took after her father.  She enjoyed watching her father perform and would often immitate his actions in the ring.  Life in the Araceli household was fine...if not a bit unusual.  While the two were often a constant source of annoyance to her mother, Mariko, they remained a tight-nit family.
It was on one fateful night when tragedy struck.  During a match, with a newly signed talent, her father suffered a grievous injury that nearly ended his career.  Worse still, he was unmasked in the ring by this newcomer.  The man seemed less interested in the actual match, or furthering his career, than he was with humiliating Adan.  He has not even been seen since leaving the arena following his victory.
Ever since that night, Akemi has been obsessed with finding whoever that man was and beating him, herself.  Her family's honor had been slighted and her father's mask has been stolen.  So, the only logical solution is to find him, beat him, retrieve her father's mask...and take the mask of Ultimo Diablo.

Although she has not yet determined how she plans on defeating such an adversary. Although she has trained with her father...Akemi is still just  (sort of) average high school student...right?

senshi/knight history;; Life in the Scorpius Constellation had always been harsh, but fair.  As the princess of the prideful citizens, Alexandria (as she was known then) had been trained by her father to be the strongest warrior that they could offer.  Combat tournaments were held regularly and if she was to lead her people, she was expected to be able to compete with them.
Her father was a strong warrior, himself and life in the Scorpius Constellation was as close to perfect as one might desire.  At least as far as those who lived there were concerned.  The fall of the constellation, however, would come closer to home than anyone might expect.  Alexandria's father had a brother...a man as ambitious as any good citizen was.
This was a trait that Chaos had hoped to exploit and with Alexandria's uncle, Remus, was the perfect vessel.  Promising glory in an upcoming tournament, Remus accepted the gifts that were offered by Chaos.  The tournament turned from friendly competition to an intense battle of life and death.  Many warriors fell to Remus' hands...and the more he fought, the more he seemed consumed by those gifts that were given by Chaos.
Romulus, Alexandria's father, was the last to fall to Remus.  And with Scorpius in discord, Chaos attacked.  As with the other Constellations, Alexandria fought back against Chaos, determined to avenge her father's death and those brave warriors who died in the tournament.  Revenge, however, would not come.  As the Constellations fell, so did Alexandria.
But, with the activation of the silver crystal, not all hope was lost.  They may have been defeated...but they were not yet conquered.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

username;; AmazingAkemi

alias;; Akemi

experiance;; About 10-15 (...I'm old ><)

sample rp;;

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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Lilith Sabrent


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PostSubject: Re: Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius   Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:49 pm

~not an admin but is dying to comment~ Dude I love her!! :DD She's so awesome and absolutely adorable!!! <333 I also love how you used Romulus and Remus!! That is so, awesome!~
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Akemi Araceli


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PostSubject: Re: Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius   Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:18 pm

Awesome, thanks! Having a little Roman history is always fun XD

On a related note, her guardian is named after a Roman General. I'm looking forward to playing with folks here!
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PostSubject: Re: Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius   Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:52 am

A c c e p t e d !  flower 

Quote :
I love her unique-ness~ Get her an avatar and/or signature, and jump right in!


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PostSubject: Re: Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius   

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Akemi Araceli - Sailor Scorpius
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