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 Acchan's Plot Page

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Ruri Izumi


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PostSubject: Acchan's Plot Page   Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:16 pm

Okey, so this is just a thread for me to put my characters out there so people can see if they'd like to plot with me. I'll keep adding characters as I make them.

Ruri Izumi
Affiliation: Villian
Age: 17

Ruri's mission is to essentially destroy all the senshi because she holds a grudge over them not saving her (now dead) sister. She lives a very bitter life and is rather independent and unapproachable.

Things I'd Like to do with Her
-Fight senshi!
-Fight with Akio in the graveyard. (Code name: FEELSFIGHTOHGODTHEANGST)
-After that, a lot is going to change with her, so I'll add more after that.

Ryou Tsubasa

Affiliation: Constellation Senshi
Age: 22

Ryou is complicated - she used to hate the senshi for killing her brother, but after becoming one herself, he goal is to eradicate all pointless violence and unnecessary murders. A big thing here is that she's a reverse trap, meaning she looks like a boy but is, of course, a girl. When she transforms, she looks much girlier, so no one would ever guess she was a senshi.

Things I'd Like to do with Her
-Threads with Micro-chan
-Kari mentioned wanting to thread.
-Fight evil!

So, that's pretty much is for pre-determined plots. If you want to RP, just let me know. Smile I'm really excited for these two!
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Acchan's Plot Page
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