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 If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)

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Naoko Valesquez

Naoko Valesquez

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PostSubject: If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)   Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:22 am

The sun rose high above the heads of the many civilians that were out today on this beautiful afternoon. Everyone seemingly rejoiced within the warmth of the daylight, except for one rather dark female. Wearing her common black and red uniform, her raven hair flowing behind her in two pigtails as she pushed her glasses upon the bridge of her nose further with one hand, as the other held a red and black checkered parasol along her shoulder, bringing shade to her. She, despised the heat.. So why was she out? She liked being outside, just more so when it was night. Yet she couldn't read in the dark now could she? Naoko wished she could.

Finally she had come to her destination; the park! It was filled with so many large trees, it would feel just amazing to be sitting under one.. As she headed that way, a blur flew by the side of he vision. A smirk tugged at her lips. Kamali. f course Kamali had to be first to the tree she desired to sit under. It was just the type of, well bird she was. Folding the umbrella as she came under the cool embrace of the trees massive size, she looked up at the branch with a smirk. "Only you, Kamali.." Shaking her head, she sat, folding her legs to the side as she leaned her back against the tree, opening the book she had brought with her. The world of imagination is what she desired to be drawn into at this time, and she made sure to sit far enough from the playground that it was easy for her to drown out all noises around her.

Her lungs felt like they were burning from the running she had done within the cold winter night. Darkness fell upon her as she fled through the thick forest, fear began to flow through her veins. Her warm tongue swiped along her lips in an attempt to damp them, only to make her realize how dry her mouth truly was. She couldn't remember how long it had been since she last had fluid hit her throat, but it felt like forever. She could hear the wails of her attacker not far behind, undoubtedly furious at her escape--

Caw! Caw!

Her picture came to a burning end, her eye twitching a bit. Kamali.. What could that bird possibly be doing? She never cawed for no reason and she wasn't interested in mating season, so there was no need to attract a mate, and she could share the tree, for goodness sake it was huge! Looking up from her book, she peered around to see what could cause the commotion from her feathered friend.
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Rima Washino

Rima Washino

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PostSubject: Re: If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)   Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:35 pm

It was sunny. It was warm. It was a beautiful day. And, the nature and atmosphere of the park was simply breath-taking.

But.. as Rima walked the trail of smooth, manicured rock, it dawned on her that she wasn't quite sure what had brought her here. There was no real reason for coming, other than that peaceful feeling of sitting under a large sakura tree with an interesting novella, or letting one's imagination soar at the hand of a notebook and writing utensil. Neither of those interests had intrigued her today, though. So, she continued to wonder... what was the feeling that had beckoned her to come to the Tokyo Park? It was a strange sensation -- a mix of absolution and rightness. It was the type of feeling that asserted that she was meant to be here. Yet... the reasoning and purpose behind her arrival was still uncertain. And... she hated not knowing things.

The more she walked, her brown eyes began to wander. To notice, to search for whatever she was supposed to be looking for. Falling on happy couples and intertwined hands. Kisses and cuddles and laughter of love.

Her heart broke all over again. Her brown eyes deepened into hurt, into sadness. In remembrance of... him. Of... James. Of... their relationship in their past life. Of how happy they had been. How they used to visit parks more perfect than this, but had acted more or less like the couples here. Of how close they had gotten, and how much they had trusted and loved one another... until, of course, the true monster within him had been discovered and revealed in the most macabre of ways. She found herself wondering, as she always did, if he had been reborn here, on Earth, too. If he... if he still thought about her. If he even remembered, and if he truly ever cared..

She broke her gaze. Deliberately looked away to spare herself the pain.

It was then that she heard a familiar squawk of her guardian, and looked up to see Zeus -- who had obviously been disrupted in his flirtations with the lady birds around the park -- hovering above her and peering purposefully at something. The fact that he had returned to her side meant that, whatever he was squawking at was pretty important, and most likely had to do with senshi business.

Over there! Over there! Look, Princess Aquila! He told her telepathically. How he was capable of doing that still fathomed her, but she restrained from asking him, knowing all too well that he simply would not tell her. Instead, she did as she was instructed and glanced over in the direction he was facing.

Rima's expression deflated, slightly ruffed by what she saw. "It's just... a girl..." A girl with black hair. Sitting under the shade of a tree. Reading a book. Nothing out of the ordinary. And, here she thought it had been senshi business! What was Zeus up to, exactly?

But, then... appearances had proved to be deceiving before....

She looked back at her feathered friend with a raised eyebrow. "Is she a youma...?"

Zeus gave her a hard look, and, again, replied to her mentally. Just to further test her patience, she presumed. I don't think so. I sense some sort of vibe coming from her... and she looks familiar. Go talk to her.

"Why?..." Rima couldn't help but ask. She needed a better reason than that!

Zeus mentally sighed. Just do it, Princess.

The brunette grimaced, but grudgingly agreed to her guardian's commands, and walked over to the woman with slim, rectangular glasses, average figure, and crow-coloured hair that was loosely pulled back into a ponytail just as Zeus flew back to doing whatever he had been preoccupied with before. Lecherous fowl. she thought in retort, half-way hoping he would hear it. When she was standing in front of the girl, however, she gave a small smile and tried  to make the annoyed feelings disappear. "Hi!~" She waved friendly, but secretly wondered what was so special about her. Maybe she would soon find out.
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Lucas Peterson

Lucas Peterson

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PostSubject: Re: If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)   Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:25 pm

Luke grumbled to himself as he plucked randomly at the strings of his guitar. He shifted and pulled out his phone, checking the time again for the billionth time. Daniel was late, as always. Putting his phone back he glanced around. He had made a neat little nest for himself on one of the park benches and was enjoying himself as much as he could while waiting for his good for nothing twin. He had his notebook and music folder spread out next to him, slowly making progress on a new song. He sighed again, hitting a wall in his art. Maybe he should just give up and go home. He uncurled himself and stood stretching. Today really was a great day to be out and about. Not to hot, not to cold. The light breeze blowing though was pleasant enough. Luke loved the feeling of the sun on his face.

Luke slipped off his guitar strap and was prepared to pack up when a suddenly large gust of wind came through, scattering all of his work into the air.
"hu-!?! Nononononono!" He said to himself out of panic as he frantically grabbed for the papers. The thought of all of his work, private or still unfinished on public display to anyone who thought to bend down and pick it up didn't bode well to the young musician. He scrambled, guitar still in hand to gather them all. Tripping over himself and bunching them up into crumbled piles in his hands. Of course he couldn't grab all of them, a few papers tumbling in the wind towards a certain group of girls...
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PostSubject: Re: If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)   

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If Three is a Crowd, What's Four...? (Rima, Lucas and Daniel)
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