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 Gettin' on the Go (Open)

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Minako (retired)

Minako (retired)

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Gettin' on the Go (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Gettin' on the Go (Open)   Gettin' on the Go (Open) EmptyThu Aug 28, 2014 6:05 pm

Downtown Tokyo had always been a busy place, but today it seemed extremely crowded. Among the people, going back and forth in the streets, was a blonde girl in a school uniform, consisting of a a buttoned shirt, a knee length skirt colored in navy blue, a matching collar and simple black pumps. Her long, thick, bright blonde hair was bond in the iconic red bow, that had already became her recognition sign. Since it was already afternoon, it was expected she'd wear another outfit, but Minako just had nothing suitable to wear! - which was one of the reasons she decided to come here today, hoping to find an outfit that not only could be pretty for everyday wear, but could also bring her luck in her auditions and make her a star!

Indeed, it has been way too long since the last time she went out shopping. The long winter, and the even longer exam season (which was followed, obviously, by Rei chan threatning her and Ami chan constantly trying to make her study, despite obviously not wanting to do so), had prevented her from shopping, listening to music, practicing her dancing and singing and acting, meeting cute boys, and overall - doing anything that's fun. It was so boring and dull, with all these books and phrases and equations she cared nothing about! Ah, what's the point of finally being able to live as a normal girl in a peaceful life, if she couldn't enjoy the tiniest bit of it! Desperate for some interest in life, Minako started wishing a new enemy will appear, to give her something to do!

But, there was no need for that now, when the exam season was finally behind her, and what do you know, she even seemed to pass! Now, she could finally focus on what's important in life - making sure to become famous, and find a boyfriend, as soon as possible! Being the "Goddess of Love", she knew all too well both goals required a lot of dedication to the appereance - because in our world, if you wanted to be noticed and loved, you had to be beautiful, it just couldn't be helped. Therefore, Minako's gonna make sure she'd be as beautiful as she can get!

Dazzled by the glowing, flashing light of the different stores and centers around her, Minako had gone from one billboard to the other, looking into the display windows, a spark of excitement seen in her bright azure eyes. Ah, she had already forgotten the splendid feeling of window-shopping! But there were so many stores in Downtown Tokyo, so many possibilities... How would she know which one to start in?
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Aoi Kato

Aoi Kato

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Gettin' on the Go (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gettin' on the Go (Open)   Gettin' on the Go (Open) EmptyThu Sep 11, 2014 3:01 am

the racket swung hit the ball over to the other side of the net. One bounce two bounces and game over. "Set and Match Kato 6 games to 3." was called and Aoi sighed stretchering before resting the tennis racket on his shoulder. with a look up the team was asked to gather so he did. After a few words from their coach and another few words from their captain it was off to the change rooms. it didn't really take him long to get changed into his uniform. As soon as he was changed he hefted his tennis bag onto his shoulder before tucking his school bag under his arms and stuffing his hands into his pockets. he was half way home when his phone rang. "yea?" he listened for a few moments before sighing. "OK" and with that he hung up and turned around fully.

Downtown Tokyo was not usually his ideal place to go. Sure they had a great sports shop Aoi himself was their best customer but that ws the only reason he ever came down here. as he walked his juban uniform a dead giveaway of where he went to school. the trouble maker walked down the sidewalk headed straight for the store he had been told to go to. Well at least it was the sports shop he was headed for he needed some new grip tape for his rackets anyway. as he continued to walk the silver haired boy flicked his rat tail off of his shoulder so it rested against his back as he continued to walk.

Aoi stopped passing by a window looking at his reflection in it straightening out his hastily put on uniform. He had been so quick to get home he hadn't even bothered to make sure his uniform didn't look like a mess or that his hair was in some sort of order when he had spiked up the front half of the silver hair. luckily his air looked just fine but his school uniform on the other hand didn't seem to be wanting to get straightened out one bit.
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Minako (retired)

Minako (retired)

Posts : 7
Join date : 2014-07-02

Gettin' on the Go (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gettin' on the Go (Open)   Gettin' on the Go (Open) EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 11:38 am

For several more minutes, Minako wandered around, looking at the different stores around her, not quite sure where to begin. That is, until she stood in front of a branch of an infamous sports company. There, standing in front of the display window, stood a young man, a bit taller than herself, with wide shoulders, a slightly tanned skin and a cerulean silky hair, a tiny bit of which was longer than the rest and bound in a thin tail.

Her heart beating ever so strongly in her chest, she just couldn't take her azure eyes off him. Since he wore the Juuban High uniform, the blonde couldn't help but wonder - how comes she had never noticed quite a catch before? Where had he been her entire life?! But, well, as they say, there's no time as the present, isn't it so? Minako had no doubt that she'd make him notice her. right here and right now!

She tightened the bound of her iconic red bow, strightened her shirt and skirt, and took a deep breath. Yes, she had full control over this. She's going to use one of the oldest tricks in the book, one she had read so many years ago in a magazine and was said to always work. She walked forward, her face raised upwards, her chest stretched upwards. Slowly but firmly, she progressed towards him. As she stepped close to him, the blonde purposely pushed herself towards him, making herself fall beneath him. Looking upwards, pink blush covered her cheeks and a spark of excitement could be seen in her eyes.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry... I had no idea where I was walking... Oh, please forgive me!", she pleaed playfully.

Albeit a troubled expression on her face, inside Minako was as cheerful as she hadn't been in a while. That's it, that's the way to do it! She totally owned him now, as expected from the Goddess of Love!
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Gettin' on the Go (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gettin' on the Go (Open)   Gettin' on the Go (Open) Empty

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Gettin' on the Go (Open)
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