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 Accidents Happen (open)

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Kotone Suzuhashi


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PostSubject: Accidents Happen (open)   Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:11 am

Kotone stood there on the sidewalk and she was trembling.


This couldn't be happening!

She continued to tremble and she was horrified as she stared at the ruined cake in the opened package she held. One of side of the cake was dented slightly, the frosting was smudged on said side, and some of the fruit decorations on top were knocked over. She wasn't expecting her last delivery of the day would end up like this, but, it did happen. One moment ago, she was on her way to the client's house — where the client was nice, elderly woman who couldn't make it to the bakery herself and ordered a cake for her grandson's birthday later on that day — then the next moment, a group of teenagers walked past her, roughly brushing past the bag that had the package that contained the cake, and they didn't apologize for it! What was she going to do? She couldn't go back to the bakery and ask for another cake to be made. There wasn't enough time to do that! She made a promise to the manager that she would be there at the house before six in the evening and there was only about forty-five minutes left!

She was panicking, which was fairly visible. She could hear her heart beating in her ears as it was racing. She felt tears forming at the corner of her eyes, but, she blinked almost all of them away. She tried to control her trembling and her breathing. What was she seriously going to do? How would the client react when she finds out? Scenarios started to form in her head — mainly consisting of a very upset client and a disappointed manager — but, she was pulled out of her thoughts as she saw someone's shoes step into her view which caused her to flinch and nearly drop the already ruined cake. She raised her head and tried to stare at the person without grimacing. "Y-Yes...?" Her heart was nearly racing again and she was nervous; she knew she wasn't that good at facing people, so, what was this person going to say to her and what should she do in this situation now that there was another person?
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Etain Adair


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PostSubject: Re: Accidents Happen (open)   Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:19 pm

The alarm going off woke Etain up, and she went about her morning routine; out of bed, make breakfast and coffee, and check her emails. Sitting at her computer, sipping on her coffee, Etain deleted the junk mail and froze. No new emails, which meant no new jobs. She frowned. 'No new jobs?' she wondered aloud. 'Not even finding a missing pet?' She sighed and shook her head, unsure whether to be pleased or not. 'But no jobs mean a free day,' she said, before a smile spread across her lips. 'I haven't had a free day in... over a year and a bit.' Her smile grew as she finished her breakfast and coffee, closed down her computer and went to shower.

Two hours later and she was downtown, just walking, wondering what she should do. She had an entire free day, but not a clue as to what she should, or could do. Maybe having a free day isn't such a good idea, she thought with a sigh. Maybe I'll call Kotomi, see if she's free. She rounded a corner and stop.

Standing in front of her was a girl, who seemed to be crying. When the girl looked up at her, Etain's cheeks coloured. She's cute! She cleared her throat before she spoke 'Are you okay?' the red headed detective asked, her voice soft. 'You're not hurt are you?'
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Accidents Happen (open)
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