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 Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela

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Honami Shizumi

Honami Shizumi

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PostSubject: Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela   Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela EmptyFri Jul 11, 2014 11:34 pm

Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela 28bqzydHonami Shizumi- Sailor Vela 2gw96duHonami Shizumi- Sailor Vela 2mx4yvb

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Honami “Nami” Shizumi

meaning;; Honani- Sail, Beautiful, Sea, Shizumi-Pure Water. Sailing on a Beautiful Sea of Pure Water.

age;; 16

gender;; Female

date of birth;; 26th May

height;; Five foot seven inches


hair colour;; Long, slightly wavy dark brown hair

eye colour;; Light brown.

wardrobe;; Other than her uniform, Nami prefers to wear trousers over dresses or skirts, and jeans over anything else. Though she does wear shorts when it's hot. She wears t-shirts of various colours, though mainly black.

faceclaim;; Tsukihime // Aoko Aozaki

picture;; Image and video hosting by TinyPic

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Nami is grounded and not prone to flights of fancy, and is quick to dismiss it when people exaggerate, cutting out the superfluous and getting to the core. She doesn't do it to be mean, she just doesn't like it when people make things out to be more than they are. Which is why most people wonder why she's best friends with Ryo Marline, who is prone to flights of fancy and over exaggeration. But that doesn't mean Nami doesn't like to have fun. She enjoys playing games and watching dvds with her sister and Ryo, and going to the cinema with Ryo. Nami is protective of her sister and Ryo. Unlike Ryo and her sister, who are in love with the idea of the rumours of the Senshi, Nami thinks it's ridiculous and exaggerated. The idea of protecting those who can't protect themselves she agrees with. But the whole 'In the name of Love and Justice!' and 'shooting rainbows out of a wand' against monsters is what makes her think it's a publicity stunt for a new game. Also what the senshi wear. In her mind there's no way that those fuku protect the senshi from any attacks the monsters use against them, which only solidifies her belief that the whole thing is a publicity stunt, or urban legend.


  • Ice cream
  • Keeping fit
  • Playing games
  • Reading


  • Over exaggeration
  • Large bodies of water
  • Hospitals
  • People who abuse their power


  • Science
  • Can't swim
  • Posters


  • She is determined to do her best in everything she does.
  • An eye for detail
  • A good cook

goals;; To over come her fear of water and learn how to swim. Defeat Chaos once she awakens.

fears;; Nami is afraid of losing her family and Ryo. She's also afraid of drowning, due to nearly drowning when she was a child. She also doesn't like posters, as she feels their eyes following her.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Vela

transform item;; A gold and silver locked with a sail etched in it, on a silver chain.

transform phrase;; Vela Constellation Power, Make Up!

sailor or knight fuku;; A simple white leotard, dark blue collar and skirt, with cream bands, two on the collar, two on the elastic of the skirt, and two around the hem. Her gloves and boots, both reaching to either elbows or knees, are the same dark blue with cream bands around the ends, and two around the wrists of the gloves and the ankles of the boots. Her tiara is a simple gold with a star shaped crystal of lapis lazuli with the sign of Vela etched into it.

star or planet;; The constellation of Vela

guardian;; A magpie called Soroka

power of;; Wind and Change

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; A pair of tonfa

attacks and techniques;; Wind Cutter The most basic attack Sailor Vela knows. She swings both her arms, then her tonfa around, sending small disks of wind towards her enemies.

Roaring Wind A technique that can be used for both defence and offence. Sailor Vela brings her tonfa together and pushes them outwards, which sends a blast of wind towards the enemy, which knocks them backwards and also disorientates them. It can also be used to deflect some attacks.

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Ryo, the other Constellation Senshi

enemies;; None so far, but Chaos and co. when she awakens.

parents;; Kaori Shizumi(mother), Tetsuya Shizumi(father)

siblings;; Mirai Shizumi(sister)

other relations;; Ryo Marline(best friend)

crush and sexuality;; Nami hasn't really thought about being with either a boy or a girl, but she knows she's not asexual, so if asked she would say bisexual.

history;; Honami and her family, her mother and father lived on the outskirts of Tokyo. Her father worked for a company in the city, while her mother stayed at home raising Nami until she reached the age of five, when Nami went to a local school. But when her sister, Mirai, was born, when Nami was seven, they moved to the city, and Nami changed schools. Once Mirai was old enough to go to school, their mother became a teacher at a their school.

When she was nine, while on holiday at the beach, Nami was caught in a current and pulled under. Nami was a competent swimmer, but she wasn't that strong, and she started to lose consciousness. As her vision started to blackout, she saw someone reaching out to her. When she opened her eyes again, a girl was bending over her, her family standing behind her. Once her family had hugged her, they turned to the girl and introduced her as Ryo, the one who had not only pulled Nami from the sea, but had also saved her life. Nami and Ryo spent the rest of the holiday together. When the holiday was over, the said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. They wouldn't meet again until they started high school.

It was during her time in high school that Nami developed her dislike of bullies and people who abuse their power and position. A group of kids, lead by a boy, were bullying several of Nami's friends, including Ryo, because of the things they liked. So Nami stepped in and saved her friends. But she was the one who go into trouble, despite the fact that everyone pointed to the boy. The leader of the bullies was the son of a benefactor of the school, and the teachers wouldn't do anything about him because they would lose funding otherwise. Nami could only watch as he continued to do what he wanted, though he didn't push his luck when Nami was around.

It was about that time that Ryo became obsessed with the stories of the Senshi, girls who fought to protect the weak and those who couldn't protect themselves. Nami could like and admire the Senshi for fighting to protect those who couldn't, and if that was all the stories said, she would believe them. But that wasn't it. The Senshi, as the stories went, fought youma, monsters, using the magic of love and justice. While wearing fuku. It was then that Nami dismissed the stories entirely as either urban legend or a publicity stunt for a new game or anime.

senshi/knight history;; The Vela Constellation was prosperous and peaceful, ruled over by their young princess, Anika(as Honami was called then). While Anika herself was a competent ruler, she was prone to over exaggeration and flights of fancy, much to the chagrin of her best friend and advicer, Sanath. Sanath was the one who had to cut through the exaggeration and fanciful dreams of Anika's ideas and get to the core. Anika's ideas and decrees were generally well thought out and solid, but were often filled out with unnecessary and extraneous parts.

But Sanath, while she liked Anika, and knew she was a good leader, thought she could do better. She thought she could make the Vela Constellation the most prosperous constellation in the nebula. Why should Anika get all the credit for keeping Vela together, when it was Sanath who made Anika's scatterbrained ideas into law? Why should Anika be praised for going on adventures while Sanath remained unknown while keeping the constellation running smoothly? It was these thoughts that Chaos picked up and latched onto. Chaos promised Sanath the throne, but all she had to do was remove Anika. She didn't have to hurt her, just instead of removing Anika's extraneous wording, add more to each new law. Make them fanciful at first, but then make them more daft, stupid, then start adding more draconian and darker wording. So Sanath did. The people soon began to question the sanity of Anika as laws were passed or old ones were amended with ridiculous additions. They then began to resent Anika as draconian laws were passed that restricted or removed rights the people had enjoyed for centuries. Anika saw none of this, nor did she suspect as Sanath was her best friend and most trusted advicer. A peaceful demonstration was brutally quashed, ordered by Sanath under the name of Anika.

An uprising soon followed, orchestrated and controlled by Chaos. Anika was taken aback. What had happened to make her people so unhappy? Once the whole of Vela was in turmoil, Chaos invaded in full force, killing and destroying as it swept through. Soon only the palace and Anika and her royal guards were standing. But as the royal guards were fighting the enemy from without, Vela and Anika were betrayed by the enemy from within.

The armies of Chaos were banging on the throne room doors, the sound echoing off the walls. The royal guard were standing in front of the door, their weapons and shields at the read. They would protect their leader, Anika, with their lives. Anika stood behind them, her own weapons, two tonfa, at the ready. Chaos's minions broke through the door and the battle was joined. But even before Anika could join in the fighting, she was stabbed in the back. She turned and gasped. It was Sanath, her best friend, who held the knife in her back. Anika dropped her tonfa and collapsed. As her lifeblood drained away, she saw Sanath welcome the armies of Chaos, before she too was cut down. Vela had fallen.

But, with the activation of the silver crystal, not all hope was lost. The Constellations may have fallen, but they were not defeated.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Peorthalexander

alias;; Peorth, Peo,

experience;; Ummm... 10-ish years.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela 30u9rm0

A c c e p t e d !  flower 

Quote :
She'll make a magnificent senshi of attitude<3

Feel free to get you an avatar of her and get started!

Honami Shizumi- Sailor Vela 154bt6q
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