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 Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open)

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Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open)   Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open) EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 2:02 am

It was always curious just how the humans passed by their time. These "Video Games" seemed to be a very important past time. Sure, she had indulged in some simulations back on her home world, but these were far more primitive interfaces. There wasn't even a crude sensory interface cable that they could plug into their brains! Plus, these were also operated by currency. Small metal coins that were inserted into the individual machine, before a user could be granted permission to run the programs locked within.

Hard currency also felt rather primitive. But, at least it seemed like the humans were starting to figure their currency out. Perhaps they were on their way towards becoming a truly advanced civilization. Well, that was speculation best left an opportunity when she could travel the timeline of humanity and devote more time to it's study. In the meantime, she would make the most of the time period she was marooned and see what else she could learn about these funny creatures.

Veta Kilvorion wandered around the arcade and observed the players and the games they played. Some displayed such an intense focus that they hardly paid attention to their immediate surroundings. Veta should know, she tested it out.

Her goal wasn't to obstruct their vision or create a jarring amount of noise. But, she did want to see how far she could push things until one of these gamers noticed her presence. She tried getting as close as possible without actually issuing physical contact. Most didn't even bat eye. One had a rather colorful and oddly detailed account of things she should do with her mother.

But, by far, the biggest percentage of customers just seemed to be gathering for social reasons. And perhaps that was where Veta stood out. While she was safely in her human disguise, her behavior was that of loitering pest. Sooner or later, someone might ask her to leave. Which gave her a bit of a pause. If she was to continue her observations, she would need to actually use one of these giant boxes.

Her fingers wrapped around the grip of the Pumpkin Shard. Perhaps she could get around that whole "Hard Currency" thing and jump in on a Video Game.
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Honami Shizumi

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Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open)   Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open) EmptyTue Mar 10, 2015 2:20 am

It was a rare thing to see Honami walking about, with no set plans, but it was even rearer to see her even contemplating entering the arcade. Sure, she like video games as much as the next girl, but to her, the arcade had seemed a waste of time. Why should she shell out a fair amount of money just to play a game once, surrounded by strangers, when she could spend the same amount to play it in the comfort of her own home? Still, the arcade did have games that weren't available for home consoles...

She sighed as the doors slid close behind her. Well, now she'd done it. She was in the arcade, on her own, with no idea what she was going to do. Well, other than try out a few new games. Maybe. So she walked deeper into the arcade, looking for a game that looked interesting.

But after several minutes of walking, nothing had caught her eye. At least nothing that didn't have a huge crowd around it. So she continued to search.

Several more minutes later, and she still had found nothing that had caught her interest. She was beginning to think she should leave and do something more constructive with her time, when she saw someone she recognised. It was the girl from the mall, from when she'd first awakened to her powers as a senshi. With a smile, Honami walked over to her. 'Hi Yuzuki-san,' she said. 'How have you been?'
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Playing Games...for SCIENCE! (Open)
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